Shop   Monthly Planet Impact Academy subscription

This product includes:

- Academy * Monthly Subscription accessible on

- Protect up to 1000m2 of rainforest and receive one EAF certificate on your name.

- Free Gifted 75€ Travel Vouchers Discount**, possible to activate on


* Access to the academy will be activated within 24h from the time the order is paid. You will receive an email with your username and password.

**The voucher code, gifted from SOR TECHNOLOGY, is sent to your email inbox within 2 working days after the day of PAYMENT confirmation. The voucher must be activated within 12 months on the website and be used within 12 months after activation. 

The customer declares to have read and accepted Article 8 of the Terms of Service which describes the terms and responsibilities of Planet Impact in providing Free Discounts to third-party partners.


EUR 60,00